Item #528 [SIGNED] Kiamil Khanlarov (Kamil Khanlarov). Kamil Ali Abbas oglu Khanlarov, artist.
[SIGNED] Kiamil Khanlarov (Kamil Khanlarov)

[SIGNED] Kiamil Khanlarov (Kamil Khanlarov)

Tbilisi: Ganatleba, [1971]. Accordion-fold brochure. Item #528

Book measures: 22.5 x 15.5 cm. [7] pages: Illustrations. Text in Russian. Signed by the artist on the front page. One of 2,000 copies.

This short monograph details the life and work of Kamil Khanlarov, a prominent Soviet-Azerbaijani artist. Known for his historical themes and portraits, especially during the World War II era. He was distinguished with titles such as Honored Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR in 1964 and People's Artist of Azerbaijan in 1992.

Khanlarov's artistic journey includes a focus on historical figures and events, as seen in works like "Mazdak Before Execution" and "The Peasant Uprising in Tovuz." He also excelled in portraiture, capturing figures such as Nizami Ganjavi and Imadaddin Nasimi.

In his later years, Khanlarov shifted towards landscape painting, beautifully rendering various Azerbaijani locales such as Nakhchivan and Shusha. His landscape works, like "The Mountains of Zagatala" and "The Outskirts of Shusha," exhibit his mastery of color and emotional depth.

Khanlarov's international influence extended through exhibitions across Europe, Asia, and North America. His legacy includes not only his diverse art collection but also his role as a teacher at the Azerbaijan State Art College, where he mentored many modern Azerbaijani artists.

A creative sojourn in Czechoslovakia in 1961 led to a series of paintings celebrating its locales, further showcasing his versatile artistic skills. Khanlarov's extensive career not only enriched Azerbaijani art but also left a global imprint, with his works residing in various museums, galleries, and private collections.

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