Item #523 Aleksandr Ustinov. V. V. Maevsky.
Aleksandr Ustinov

Aleksandr Ustinov

Moscow: Planeta, 1972. Publisher's wrappers. Item #523

Book measures: 21 x 16.5 cm. 20 [90] pages: photographs. Text in Russian.

This illustrated monograph is a tribute to Aleksandr Ustinov, a distinguished Russian Soviet photographer whose lens captured the transformative epochs of the Soviet Union. The volume is rich with visual storytelling, featuring a collection of Ustinov's photographs that chronicle the social, industrial, and political landscapes of his times. Through a narrative interwoven with personal, historical, and artistic perspectives, readers gain an intimate understanding of Ustinov's contributions to the realm of Soviet photography. His work, notable for its compositional brilliance and its candid portrayal of Soviet life, provides a poignant documentary of a nation in flux.

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