Item #522 Boris Ignatovich. Leonid Volkov-Lannit.
Boris Ignatovich

Boris Ignatovich

Moscow: Planeta, 1973. Ignatovich, Boris Vsevolodovich (photographer). Publisher's wrappers. Item #522

Book measures: 21 x 16.5 cm. 48 pages: illustrations. Text in Russian.

This illustrated monograph presents a comprehensive exploration of Boris Ignatovich's work, a masterful Russian Soviet photographer renowned for his striking images that capture the essence of Soviet life. Through a curated selection of photographs, this volume delves into Ignatovich's artistic journey, highlighting his contributions to photojournalism and his role in shaping the visual narrative of his era. The book provides insight into his techniques, themes, and the historical context of his iconic works, offering readers a profound look at a visionary artist whose lens chronicled a transformative period in Russian history.

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