Item #210 Iak zhynula Olha Basarabova [How Olha Basarabova died]. Mykhailo Bazhanskyi.
Iak zhynula Olha Basarabova [How Olha Basarabova died]

Iak zhynula Olha Basarabova [How Olha Basarabova died]

Prague: Sektsiia mysttsiv, pysmennykiv ta zhurnalistiv UNO v Prazi, 1941. Original illustrated wrappers. Fair. Item #210

Octodecimo (12,3 x 16,8 cm). 22 pages: portrait. Text in Ukrainian. worn and creased copy; foxing and soiling;

Olga Basarabova (or Basarab) - was a 34-year-old Ukrainian political activist and a member of the Ukrainian Military Organization, who was tortured to death by the Polish police in Lviv in February, 1924. The death of the Ukrainian patriot had caused a large echo in American and European press, as well as a mass outrage of people. There were protests of the “Union of Ukrainian Women” members, other associations and societies in Lviv, Galicia, as well as Ukrainian communities overseas. Olga Basarab’s death was one of the most dramatic events in Western Ukraine in the 1920s. Her name is surrounded with an aura of martyrdom in the struggle for unified and independent Ukraine.

Mykhailo Bazhanskyi (1910-1994) - a journalist, editor and writer; a prominent leader of the Ukrainian community in the United States, where he immigrated after WWII. Throughout his life he served on various editorial boards, published several journals and books, and contributed numerous articles to Ukrainian periodicals devoted to the study of literature, culture, and scouting. He was involved with the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, as well as the Plast, and the Ukrainian community in Detroit.

As of April 2020, OCLC shows three copies in Harvard College Library, University of Illinois and University of Toronto.


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