Karpatorusskii kalendar Lemko-Soiuza na 1938 [Karpatho-Russian Calendar of the Lemko Association for the year 1938]. Vano Gunianka, Dmytro Fedorovych Vyslotsky.

Karpatorusskii kalendar Lemko-Soiuza na 1938 [Karpatho-Russian Calendar of the Lemko Association for the year 1938]

Yonkers, New York: Lemko-Soiuz, 1937. Original illustrated wrappers. Fair. Item #195

Imperial octavo (19.5 x 27 cm). 128 pages: illustrations. Text in Rusyn (Ruthene) language. Compiled by Vano Gunianka (pseudonym of Vyslotsky, Dmytro Fedorovych). The wrappers and spine are well-worn, damaged, torn and soiled.

Dmytro Fedorovych Vyslotsky (1888-1968) - Ukrainian writer from Lemkivshchyna, journalist, public figure of the Ukrainian diaspora in North America, Russophile and later a supporter of the USSR. The author of short stories and plays from the life of Lemkos, school books and articles. During WWI, he was arrested by the Austrian authorities for Moscophile views and imprisoned in the Thalerhof concentration camp, where he was sentenced to death, but eventually amnestied. In 1914 he was the editor of the "Russian Land" magazine. In the years 1918-1920 - Editor-in-chief of the “Voice of the Russian people” magazine. In 1922 he emigrated to Canada, and in 1927 to the USA. He was the editor-in-chief of the Karpatskaya Rus newspaper, the main press organ of the Lemko-Soyuz lemk-Moskvofil organization in Yonkers, New York. In Cleveland, he published the Lemko newspaper (1931-1939). In 1934, together with a delegation of Western intellectuals, Vyslotsky visited the Soviet Union. They were shown the "happy life of the Soviet people", in which he unconditionally believed and, upon returning to the United States, became an ardent agitator for the removal of Lemcos from their native lands and America to the USSR.

The Lemko Association was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1929 in order to preserve Lemko history, culture, customs, and traditions. The society adopted the English translation of its name in 1931. The Lemko Association initially used the printing services of the Rusyn-language newspaper Karpatska Rus in New York. In 1939 the two organizations joined forces in Yonkers, New York. This union lasted until 2010. The Lemko Association is likely to have been the most secular of the Carpatho-Rusyn brotherhoods and societies and it didn't provide life insurance as did the others.

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