Item #164 Koliuchyi Smikh: Baiky [Barking Laughter: Fables]. Ivan Manylo.
Koliuchyi Smikh: Baiky [Barking Laughter: Fables]

Koliuchyi Smikh: Baiky [Barking Laughter: Fables]

Augsburg: Drukarnia Dmytra Sazhyna, 1946. Prokuda, Volodymyr (illustrator). Illustrated wrappers. Item #164

This book, measuring 11 x 15 cm and spanning 31 pages with text in Ukrainian, bears a notable provenance. It includes the previous owner's inscription "A. A. Granovsky" on the front wrapper and features his Ex-libris on the endpaper. Additionally, thee is an unidentified inscription on the title page. Overall the book is in very good condition.

It is a collection of children's fable stories printed in a post-war German camp for Ukrainian Displaced Persons (DPs). This context adds historical significance to the publication, representing the cultural and literary efforts of the Ukrainian diaspora during a challenging period.

Alexander Granovsky, a Ukrainian American entomologist, activist, and poet, is a notable former owner of this copy. Granovsky, a leader in the Ukrainian American community, played a significant role in the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees post-WWII. His association with this book adds another layer to its historical and cultural value.

Ivan Manilo (1918-1976), a Ukrainian poet, publisher, and editor. Born in Zaporozhye, he was educated in Ukraine and forcibly taken to Germany during WWII. In a DP camp in Ingolstadt, he engaged actively in literary pursuits and published works in diaspora press.

Iar Slavutych (Hryhoriy Zhuchenko, 1918-2011) - Ukrainian poet and translator, also resided in a DP camp in Germany post-WWII before relocating to the USA and Canada.

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